50 SEBHSA, manufacture of concrete pumps, specialize in crawler-mounted concrete pumps since 1973  
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Crawler-mounted concrete pump

Crawler-mounted concrete pump
Crawler-mounted concrete pump

The biggest crawler-mounted concrete pump for the biggest projects, the MEGA crawler SEBHSA BD-4147.OR achieves an awe-inspiring capacity of:
Maximum concrete output: 140 m³/h
Maximum concrete pressure: 70 bar

Developed in answer to the need for ever bigger and deeper drilled shafts, caissons and bored piles, required for example for bridges, skyscraper and other large structures the crawler-mounted concrete pump SEBHSA BD-4147.OR has been equipped with an altogether more powerful pumping setup, boosting its productivity to a maximum of 140 m3/h. Solidly fitted on extra long steel tracks and further reinforced steel frames, the pump is nevertheless extremely flexible and compact to enable enhanced movability. Furthermore its seamlessly adjustable concrete output allows for the cost efficient use of the SEBHSA BD-4147.OR on more standard sized ground improvement or deep foundation jobs, thus guaranteeing a high level of utilisation.

Key features

  • Suitable for deployment on projects with the toughest conditions of terrain or weather.
  • Biggest pumping capacity packed in a compact frame to improve flexibility, transportability and reduce transport cost.
  • Economical fuel consumption and reduced emission through its targeted engine configuration.
  • Cost efficient by virtue of being tailor-made and accessorised to the individual customer requirements.

Technical specifications

BD-4147.0R Engine: Diesel engine
Max. nominal output
Maximum pressure
Pump cylinders
225 kW
140 m³/h
70 bar
230 Ø x 1800 mm
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  • Production of custom machines