50 SEBHSA, manufacture of concrete pumps, specialize in crawler-mounted concrete pumps since 1973  
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Crawler-mounted concrete pump

Crawler-mounted concrete pump

Perfectly configured to achieve maximum productivity from its highly efficient, low emission engine, the SEBHSA BD-3811.OR impresses with performance:
Maximum concrete output: 85 m³/h
Maximum concrete pressure: 110 bar

Specifically designed for the challenging demands of deep foundation, ground improvement and cast in-situ piling the SEBHSA BD-3811.OR works in close tandem with the drill rig, focussing all its engine capacity on an outstanding pumping performance. The pump of choice for the world’s leading providers of Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC), Hybrid or Bi- Modulus Columns, Rigid Inclusions, Continuous Flight Auger piles (CFA) or any other kind of displacement piles or pile walls, the SEBHSA BD-3811.OR is key to a construction or infrastructure project near you. Extremely cost efficient to run, its output of up to 85 m³ /h or 110 bar improves speed and quality of any ground improvement or piling activity thus adding further value to the customer’s operation.

Key features

  • Designed to work specially with high pressures projects, it combines a reinforced concrete delivery system with a task-oriented hydraulic set up.
  • Intended to offer long distance conveyance capabilities for those job sites where direct access is limited, while simultaneously providing the powerful outputs and flexibility desired for an efficient execution.
  • The high pressure concept can be adapted to satisfy the most complex and demanding standards.
  • Equipped and accessorised to the individual needs and demands of each client.

Technical specifications

BD-3811.OR Engine: Diesel engine
Max. nominal output
Maximum pressure
Pump cylinders
225 kW
85 m³/h
110 bar
200 Ø x 1400 mm
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