50 SEBHSA, manufacture of concrete pumps, specialize in crawler-mounted concrete pumps since 1973  
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Crawler-mounted concrete pump

Crawler-mounted concrete pump
Crawler-mounted concrete pump

First choice for ground improvement and any standard size auger-cast or displacement piles the SEBHSA BD-2806.OR has the power for even bigger jobs:
Maximum concrete output: 80 m³/h
Maximum concrete pressure: 60 bar

Extremely robust, highly flexible, easy to use and with minimal maintenance requirements, the crawler-mounted concrete pump SEBHSA BD-2806.OR excels even on rough terrain and under harshest conditions. Mounted on steel tracks, fully hydraulic – mechanical controlled and operating in an open circuit this SEBHSA pump offers a cost effective and powerful solution for any kind of construction or infrastructure project requiring sub-soil consolidation, ground or soil improvement, retaining walls or foundation techniques such as displacement piles, Auger Cast- or Continuous Flight Auger piles (CFA), Hybrid or Mixed Module Columns (CMM) or Rigid Inclusions.

Key features

  • Available with engine and emission standards to suit the job requirements and equipped to the individual customers needs.
  • Hard wearing and reliable through the use of best materials and components.
  • Cost effective by virtue of its longevity and low maintenance cost.
  • Specially designed to work alongside the drill rig, it improves production efficiency and productivity.

Technical specifications

BD-2806.OR Engine: Diesel engine
Max. nominal output
Maximum pressure
Pump cylinders
100 kW
80m³/ h
60 bar
180 Ø x 1400 mm
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  • Production of custom machines