50 SEBHSA, manufacture of concrete pumps, specialize in crawler-mounted concrete pumps since 1973  
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Applications and Techniques

Pile Foundation / Deep Foundation Techniques

When discussing piling or deep foundation techniques we distinguish principally between bored piles and driven piles. The key difference between a driven pile foundation and bored piles lays their construction. construction. Bored pier foundations are typically poured in place and transfer the load only through bearing, while driven piles are driven straight into the soil transferring the load through friction and/or bearing. While almost all bored piles involve the use of concrete and concrete pumps driven piles may be of a variety of materials. SEBHSA as a manufacture of concrete pumps attempts only to outline some of the most common pile foundation or deep foundation techniques, which require concrete to be pumped and benefit from the application of crawler-mounted concrete pumps.
Pile Foundation / Deep Foundation Techniques
  • Production of custom machines